Pricing information

Depending on the number of page views your website receives on a monthly basis, different packages are available. One year managed solution prices starts from...


One year managed solution

Entry package including up to 10.000.000 (ten million) page views per month.
  • One year managed solution
    You sign up for a full year. No hassle with monthly payments.
  • 2 hours graphical customization service.
    Let our designers incorporate your logo and any given title in the visualization.
  • Fast and easy setup
    Add a javascript tag to your webpages, install the software on a pc and get visual data instantly.
  • Full year of customer support
    Get a full year of customer support and free software updates.

Additional packages are available up to 200.000.000 page views a month.
Or do you require a private dedicated server, contact us, we can help.

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